Lagopoulos, Alexandros Ph.

  • Βιογραφικό:
  • Alexandros Ph. Lagopoulos is Professor Emeritus of Urban Planning at Aristotle Universityof Thessaloniki and Corresponding Member of the Academy of Athens. He hasa doctorate in Engineering and a post-doctoral title in Urban and Regional Planningfrom the National Technical University of Athens, a doctorate in Social Anthropologyfrom the Sorbonne and an honorary doctorate in Semiotics from the New BulgarianUniversity of Sofia. His research interests include social semiotics, the anthropologyof space, and the semiotic spatial models of precapitalist and contemporary societies.Among his publications are Structural Urbanism (1973); The City and the Sign: An Introductionto Urban Semiotics (ed. with M. Gottdiener, 1986); Meaning and Geography(with K. Boklund-Lagopoulou, 1992); Urbanisme et sémiotique dans les sociétés préindustrielles(1995); Heaven on Earth: Rites of Sacralization of the Traditional GreekSettlement and Their Origin (in Greek, 2003); and the anthology Semiotics (with M.Gottdiener and K. Boklund-Lagopoulou, 2002);